Friday, January 14, 2011

Creative Block

I was so excited the beginning of the year to do more to express my creative side. I’d just done a whole month of blog hopping with S&S and I was ambitious to continue along those lines. I thought about trying out for some design teams.  I joined in with Art Journal Everyday, got a new journal for Christmas and was raring to go. Sat down that first Friday and made my opening page for my journal and ICK!  It looks like a 5 year old made it, actually a 5 year old would probably done a better job. Ever since then I’ve been stuck L

I have fabulous ideas and plans and somewhere along the way the translation from my brain to my hand, it gets all messed up.   I realize that we are probably our own worst critics so that’s the first step in recovery right? I need to shut up my inner critic, I need to let go, art makes me happy so why can’t I just do what makes me happy and not tear apart the outcome?

We are 14 days into the New Year, so I’m 14 days behind in my journal. But you know what, that’s ok.  Today is a new day. Today is a new beginning. Today after work I am going to take a picture of my first page to post, I am going to grab my journal and my pencils and put them in a bag so I can doodle, draw, write, or do whatever I want tonight while sitting at my sons karate class.  I am not going to be afraid to try new things, I am not going to be afraid to share what I make, I will encourage my inner artist and I’m going to leave my inner critic by the side of the road and if she doesn’t shut up I’m going to back up my van and run her over.

Ah….. I feel better already J

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