Monday, October 31, 2011

31 Days of Halloween - day 31

Wow, 31 days filled with time for stamping and blog hopping like crazy to all the wicked bloggers blogs to see what amazing art they had to share. Looking for hidden images, learning new techniques, finding out about supplies I must put on my wish list. Learning more about the all the wicked bloggers and what inspires them, learning more about their lives outside blogland, sharing what we all are faced with each and everyday both happy times and sad. This 31 days has been more than I ever imagined it would be. Thank you all so much for visiting my little corner in blogland this month. For those of you who are just lurkers thank you for taking the time to stop by and peek at what I wanted to share, for those of you who left comments I truly appreciate all your kind words. Big thanks to Terra and Tori (and everyone else) who organzied this amazing little thing called the 31 Days of Halloween.
It's a little bit sad to see all this end but I'm sure after we all take a much needed break (and maybe catch up on some housework) we will all be chatting it up over on the forum at Smeared & Smudged. If you aren't a member yet what are you waiting for, get on over there and jump right in!
Now I've babbled on way too long so let me share what I have for my last 31 Days post. I got this little wood coffin at Michaels last year and it's been waiting patiently for me to play.

I was going to make it red but I have no red paint in the house (what?!?!) So went with blue, stamped my bat/swirl corner stamp on the top and the scallops on the side are also a stamp. Made some more paper flowers (these are way fun) and added some glitter glue dots. Put it out on the front porch to dry and in the heat all my dots changed to be more like little blue pancakes. Oh well. Not sure what I'll put inside yet, I might even add some more bling :)
Thanks again for visiting, I hope you continue to stop by occasionally. If I'm brave enough I might post a picture of the disaster zone, formally known as my stamping area.
Next stop.... Ikes' World.


  1. Oh WoW - that looks cosmic in blue !!! Super fabulous job. I wish I could get these. I got a download for a card/paper one but never got around to doing it :-( Lovely job Steph. I hope you have a glorious Halloween xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. the blue is great, love the flowers and stamp

  3. This coffin is so awesome in blue!!! I love the stamping and your flowers are fabulous!!! It has been a pleasure to learn more about you and I hope to learn more in the future!!! You are very creative and I loved learning new things from you!!!

  4. I so love this in blue!!! Way cool! Great job on the flowers and stamping!
    Happy Halloween!

  5. Your coffin is really beautiful! I've really enjoyed your projects this month.:) (also, I love this Fiona Apple version of Sally's Song)

  6. Love, love, love your coffin in blue - very dramatic the way you decorated it! I got a 2" scallop punch today as I was so inspired by your flowers! Gonna give them a try!

  7. So totally gorgeous and elegant! WOW! I love it! Thanks for being such a fab inspiration all month and Happy Halloween! xxD

  8. Love your coffin it looks awesome in blue
    Luv Jane xxx

  9. Steph, this is beautiful. I never think to do coffins in anything but black, but the blue is wonderful. Absolutely gorgeous to look at. Love the swirls, bling and flowers.

  10. Steph, this is waaaaay pretty! I like it in kind of matches the witch hat I made LOL

  11. Love the blue! and that bat swirl stamp is FAB!

    ps I have the same problem with my glue dots :(


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