Monday, May 5, 2008

Bu-bye stitches

You all will be amazed at how calm my little man was getting his stitches out. Not a peep. The nurse was sooo impressed and said she never had a kid that stayed so still. The nurse asked him if he wanted to keep the stitches but he said no. I guess I could have added them to a scrapbook page, but never imagined putting the real stitches on so I'm kinda glad he said no. But I do have a great idea of maybe using some blue waxy flax to add real stitches to the page. :)

He wanted to know if it was ok to run around the playground again.... ug, I told him to still not go too crazy until it's completely grown back together. When the stitches were out and we were waiting for the nurse to bring in a sticker for him he asked if it looked like the guy in the movie I Am Legend. I had no clue as to what he was talking about and he had to explain that after the guy was stabbed in the leg and sewn up. LOL I said i didn't remember that part so as soon as we got home he had to check it out in the mirror and he said that it did look like his wound. I think he's referring to where you can still see where the stitches were. Leave it to him to relate his injuries to the movies.

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